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Year 2 - all about bones and bodies!

Year 2 had a fabulous science week with some fascinating visitors including an archaeologist and a GP.

The children were very lucky to have visits from three parents during science week. Firstly, Mr Nightingale came in to talk about his job as an archaeologist. The children were fascinated by all the artefacts that Mr Nightingale brought in. He had lots of objects that had been found at the bottom of oceans including a set of woolly mammoth teeth.

Next, we were joined by Dr Forbes, who is a GP. She brought in lots of tools that she uses to assess patients. The children were curious by the eye and ear tool, which is called an otoscope! 

Georgina's daddy also came into see us and he is a doctor too. He works as a radiographer and he brought along his skeleton friend too! The children looked at images of x rays and tried to work out what part of the body the x rays are from. 

Thank you so much to Mr Nightingale, and Georgina's parents for coming to see us! They were valuable experiences for the children.