Phonics and Reading

At St James’ CE Primary Academy, we use Oxford Reading Tree as our core reading scheme.  It is supplemented by Project X texts, which are also decodable to Phase 6, as well as a variety of other fiction and non-fiction texts.

We have a large selection of colour-banded books which the children are encouraged to change and take home to share on a regular basis. A home-school diary is provided to all children and a place where parents and children, can comment upon their progress in reading.

For a useful explanation of colour banding visit:

We follow the Letters and Sounds publication as the core of our phonics provision, which is based upon the English Alphabetic Code:

However, we supplement this with resources from other schemes such as Jolly Phonics and Cued Articulation, as determined by classes or individual child need.

Useful Phonics and Reading websites:

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