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At St James, our teaching of Geography will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of their locality around St James, Great Britain and the world around them. We intend for our curriculum to inspire curiosity about the world we live in and develop a desire to explore. We intend to widen the children’s worlds and experiences by teaching a real and relevant curriculum enabling children to applying the skills and knowledge to create long life learners.

Fieldwork will be undertaken by all children in each year group. They will get the opportunity to explore their locality and undertake projects and observations of the coast, rivers and the local area.

In order to achieve this, we have a carefully mapped out curriculum to build on key concepts and progression across the key stages. Children will be confident in using a variety of sources, real hands on fieldwork and making links, comparisons and understand how this impacts them and others.

Where possible, links are made with other curriculum subject’s. These links will allow opportunities to understand the complexity of people’s lives, process of change, diversity of societies and different groups as well as their own position in the world and the challenges of their time.

We want all children to have a love of geography and the world beyond the curriculum. Learning will be memorable and raise aspirations impacting their future lives. In a rapidly changing world, we aim to equip our children with the knowledge and understanding needed to succeed as a geographer.