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Rainbow Room

Our Rainbow room is a space we use for two purposes.  

In the mornings, the Rainbow room offers targeted academic support for children who have cognition and learning needs. The children access the teaching input in the classroom supported by our Rainbow leader and then complete the learning task in the Rainbow room which has been set up as a calmer environment for children to learn in a small group. They will often then have time to complete further interventions as part of the session that may include developing play skills, fine or gross motor support or sensory activities. 

In the afternoons, the Rainbow room focuses on helping children learn the skills needed to be able to access the classroom successfully. The children focus on a different theme each week and access two afternoons of support which covers a breadth of skills. We aim to: 

  • Social skills 

  • The children’s ability to verbalise emotions and regulate these 

  • Improve children’s confidence 

  • Learn how to play with others 

  • Learn how to follow instructions 

  • Develop gross and fine motor skills 

  • Support sensory regulation 

  • Support children with their mental health 

  • Develop coping strategies 

  • Learn how to eat with others